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Monday, October 17, 2011

Custom Work for Noelle

                                              This time around I worked on a different kind of Custom Order. My customer started to make a quilt in the color scheme that matched her home. The quilt was a very pretty quilt with big blocks and large floral and geometric prints. After she started making it, she had a baby girl and decided that she wanted to have the quilt to give to her daughter. She decided to add some blocks to the quilt that had pinks in them. She started to have a little difficulty at that point and when she tried to quilt it, she ran into more problems. She decided that rather than tryng to continue any further, it would be best to have someone who had more experience take over the job of finishing her quilt. This is where I come in. I took out the quilting she had done so I had just the top to work with. I resewed some of the blocks that needed a little "help" and then added more pink fabric blocks. I relayerd the top, batting and backing together and quilted it, then sewed the binding on to finish it. The quilt is now back to its home.

This was interesting and fun work for me this time. Rather than going from start to finish, I jumped in in the middle so it became a learning experience as well.

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