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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Quilt for Baby Bryce

Baby Bryce's quilt is all finished!

This baby quilt was made using fabric blocks signed by all that attended the baby shower. Each person took a block and made a picture, left their own special message and signed it. They were then sent to me along with information on how the nursery was being decorated. I based the layout of the quilt on the blocks and the information I was given. The nursery is in a jungle/safari decor and she chose a blue/brown theme. I had 18 decorated blocks, so to make up a 20 block quilt I added a square in the upper left hand corner or a giraffe and the lower right hand corner with an applique of a zebra that matched the backing fabric. The border is a light blue background fabric with little dots on it. It was bordered with a borwn fabric with yellow swirly circles. The backing is a baby jungle/safari print.

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