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Friday, June 17, 2011

Quilt Block Curtains

I am in the process of creating 3 sets of curtians as a custom order for a customer who has just recently built a log cabin which they use as a vacation home in the winter months. The cabin has 3 rooms that I am making curtains for: living room, bathroom and bedroom. Below are pictures of the curtains for the bathroom and bedroom.

                                      This is the bathroom curtain:

The fabrics used in this curtain are batiks that match the countertop in her bathroom. She owns an Irish setter that she wanted to incorporate into the design.

This is the Bedroom curtains:   

  The bedroom curtains we designed based a quilt she had purchased for her bed.There are 2 curtains-one for a regular window and one for a sliding door. The quilt had square patches around the outer border and the center had a bear walking amongst the trees with the moon shining. We decided to use the bear block as repeat block with the the square patches separating them. On the bottom of each bear block is a "dirt" path with bear pawprints. She wanted the top and bottom of the curtains to have a red border.