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Welcome to PatsPassion's Blog. My Blog is where I will be giving you the latest updates, specials and events coming to PatsPassion on Etsy. I will also be posting pics of my newest projects I am working on.

Friday, July 19, 2013

New Table Runner Designs

Is everybody staying cool in this heat wave we have been having lately?

It has been so hot in my upstairs workroom that I had to resort to putting a pedestal fan in there after my iron blew the thermostat and died. A trip to Wally's World for a new iron and I was back in business again.I looked through my fat quarters for some inspiration and found some really cute prints I decided I wanted to work with that would make great table runners, but couldn't decide which would be first. So being the totally obsessed quilter I am, I decided to layer all of the fabrics together and cut  all 4 (yes 4) runners out at the same time.

The first two tops are already sewn together. The top one is a fun floral print on a blue background, and a yellow checkered print. The second is green and yellow floral prints. Both are nice, summery looking table runners.

 The third one, a green floral print and rust plaid,  is laid out and ready to sew. It has a more country look to it.

The fourth one, a pretty blue and white combination is all set and ready to be laid out and sewn.All of them should be quilted and ready to list in my shop within a few days.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Folk Art Cat Quilt

  For several months I have been seeing the search term "folk art cat quilt" showing up in my stats for my Etsy shop. I get a lot of views from it because I have several other items which have a print of folk art cats. So the other day after I finished a table runner, I was sitting trying to figure what project I wanted to start next and I saw the printed panel I have been using for the other items and inspiration hit. I decided to make a lap quilt using the print motifs from the panel. I cut them out and arranged them the way I wanted on my wall and started measuring and cutting a maroon print to set them in. There was a LOT of measuring because they are 3 different sizes. I finally got everything measured and started sewing them together.

Once the center was together, it was time to add the borders. I started with a gold print for the inner border then played with fabric to see what would look best for the outer border. I tried both a dark teal and a brown fabric since both colors were the prints. I decided on the brown fabric because it seemed to tie it together more.

So tonight I will be finishing up the the borders and then off to find the perfect fabric for the backing. If all goes well, I will have this finished and available for purchase in my shop soon.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP-Finishing up my projects.

This week finds me finishing up the two quilts started last week 

 The first one is the L'il Rascals Baby quilt that was set up on my wall. I got it all sewn together, borders on and layered this past weekend. I spent some time doing line quilting, but  am really pleased with the finished look. Today I put the binding on and it should be ready to list in my shop shortly.

The second one is my lap quilt in reproduction fabrics that I also added borders to and layered this past weekend. I have started quilting that with line quilting in1/4 inch lines inside the blocks.This one should be ready to go into my shop over the weekend.

Next on my drawing board is a project I will be doing for Worldwide Quilting Day which is March 16th.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday


Usually Wednesdays find me working but today I have the day off, so I decided to join the Quiltsy WIP Wednesdays. Currently I am working on two (yes, two) new quilts for my shop. 

The first is a scrappy reproduction quilt that I am in the process of sewing the rows together. Have I ever mentioned that I love Reproduction Fabrics?

The little pieces of paper pinned to the beginning of each row is my way of keeping the rows in the same order as the were when the quilt was laid out on my wall. The papers have written on them Row 1, Row 2, Row 3, etc.

 My second quilt I am working on is a L'il Rascals Baby quilt. This line of fabric in now retired but I still have a lot of searches to my shop looking for a quilt made from this line. I had the foresight to purchase several charm packs before it was all gone. I have it all set up on my design wall and ready to sew the top together. It should be finished within a week and ready to list in my shop.