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Friday, July 19, 2013

New Table Runner Designs

Is everybody staying cool in this heat wave we have been having lately?

It has been so hot in my upstairs workroom that I had to resort to putting a pedestal fan in there after my iron blew the thermostat and died. A trip to Wally's World for a new iron and I was back in business again.I looked through my fat quarters for some inspiration and found some really cute prints I decided I wanted to work with that would make great table runners, but couldn't decide which would be first. So being the totally obsessed quilter I am, I decided to layer all of the fabrics together and cut  all 4 (yes 4) runners out at the same time.

The first two tops are already sewn together. The top one is a fun floral print on a blue background, and a yellow checkered print. The second is green and yellow floral prints. Both are nice, summery looking table runners.

 The third one, a green floral print and rust plaid,  is laid out and ready to sew. It has a more country look to it.

The fourth one, a pretty blue and white combination is all set and ready to be laid out and sewn.All of them should be quilted and ready to list in my shop within a few days.

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