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Friday, July 1, 2011

Custom Memory Wedding Quilt

I am in the process of making a Custom Quilt for a customer who instead of having guests at her wedding reception sign a guest book, she had them sign charm blocks. She sent me those blocks, along with blank ones, and I am using them to make a quilt.

My first step was to layout and arrange all the blocks on my wall to get the best variation of the prints and colors

Once I had everything arranged and was happy with the way the blocks were, I added white sashing in between the blocks and sewed the blocks into rows. The rows were then sewed together with sashing in between them. Finally, I added a border of white around the whole thing.

My next step was to shop for a border fabric. It had to have the colors of the quilt in it and also had to have the same feeling of the quilt. I chose a print from a collection called Sugar Pop by Liz Scott for Moda. I sent a picture of the front of the quiltas it was at that point with  the fabric next to it to my customer for her to see it together and to let me know if it was okay with her. It was, so I now I can sew the border on and shop for backing fabric, probably from the same line of fabric as the border.

Check back in a few days to see the outer border on, the backing fabric we picked and the beginning of hte quilting process.

We picked out a backing fabric in the same line as the border. It is a yellow background with the same flowers on it. I had to order the fabric, so it will take a few day to get it.

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